What is hospitality control?

A "Suite" Deal for Hotels and Guests

A smart hotel is a smart idea. With one remote, guests can control drapes, lights, temperature, TV, music, schedule wakeup calls, request valet and more. Hotels become green and efficient with time, energy, resources, and money. And guests enjoy their best travel experience yet.

Impress Your Guests

From Door to drapes, Control 4 solutions are designed to enhance every inch of the guest experience through one simple touch.

Enjoy a big bottom-line impact

At Control4, we have the ideal standards-based, automation and energy management solutions for the hospitality industry. Flexible solutions that automatically impact your bottom-line.

Redefine the guest experience

Control4 works with 3-,4- and 5-star properties to transform the guest experience and enhance hotel operational efficiency. A win-win for the property manager and for the traveler.