What is Home control?

Making your home work for you Automatically

Imagine a house that remembers to lock itself at 10 pm. Shades that close as the sun hits. A home theater setup that takes care of lights, sound and picture with one touch. With Control4, everything works together the way you want it to. Life is just better with a little more control.

Control the Lights

Whether you want the perfect ambiance in every room, one-touch control, or just an effortless way to save energy, Control4 has the simple solution: total control over every light in the house—from across the room or across the globe.Control lighting scenes from a keypad or touch screen, even your iPhone® mobile device. You can turn any standard outlet into two smart outlets to control just about any electrical device. No construction hassles required.

Control the Security

If you want to know what's happening at home when you're away on business or just see who's at the front door, a little peace of mind can go a long way. (And sometimes you just need to let yourself in when you forget your keys!) That's why Control4 incorporates many of your home's systems, from lights to locks, to automatically make your home more secure, even when you're not there.

Home Automation Demo

If you love the way control can transform a room, wait until you see what it can do for your whole house!